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Blue Wing Airlines covers Suriname. Our destinations are more than just airstrips in the interior, they’re places to experience nature and meet people.

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It is best known for its link to the Suriname Aluminum Company, Suralco that exploits bauxite. The cultural mix reflects that of Suriname, but only on a small area.


The capital of the district Marowijne hosts a variety of people, but mainly Marroons. This lively town was established by the German Soldier August Kappler, in honor of his wife Alwine. It stands opposite to St. Laurent, a small town in French Guiana. From this point on, one can easily reach the Galibi nature reserve to see the giant leatherback sea turtle, or enjoy the forests and swamps of the Wanekreek nature reserve.

Amotopo, Airfield located near Kwamalasamutu which is in Sipaliwini, a region of Suriname, a country on the continent of South America.

Amotopo, Airfield located near Kwamalasamutu which is in Sipaliwini, a region of Suriname, a country on the continent of South America.



Lawa Antino Airstrip
(ICAO: SMAN) is an airstrip located near Antino on the Lawa border river between Suriname & French Guianaand six miles west of the gold mining village of Benzdorp in Suriname.

 19 Apetina

Apetina is a village in the jungle of Suriname. The village was founded at the beginning of 1940s of the 20th century and is located on the Tapanahoni River.


range of hills, west central Suriname, running north–south, about 70 miles (110 km) in
length and separating the basins of the Kabalebo and Nickerie rivers (west) from that of the Coppename River (east). The range is relatively low-lying, comprising a northward continuation of the higher Wilhelmina Gebergte, to the south; it reaches a maximum height of 3,369 feet (1,027 m). The Wilhelmina Gebergte is the site of Suriname’s largest bauxite deposit


Botopasi (sometimes also spelled Boto-Pasi) is a marron village
in Suriname. Botopasi is located in the district of Sipaliwini to the Suriname River.


Coeroeni is a resort in Suriname, located in the Sipaliwini District. Its population at the 2004 census was 1,299. Kwamalasamutu is the main village of the resort.


Cottica Airstrip small_airport (SMCT) located in Lawa Cottica, Sipaliwini, Suriname.


Djoemoe Airport is one of the airstrips in Suriname. The airport is used by passengers traveling to the city of Djoemoe and the medical outpost


Donderskamp population is 400 among them 160 children. It’s the largest village in the area. The village is about 90-minute boat ride away Corneliskondre and Tapuripa. There is a small primary school


Drietabiki is
the residence of the great chiefs of the Aucaners. At this village, situated on three islands, you have the opportunity to picnic and swim in the River with its many rapids


Gakaba is a place with a very small population in the state/region of Sipaliwini.


Godo Olo
Near Godo Olo Godo Olo there is an airstripThe airport is located near the villages of Pikienkondre and Miranda


The Kabalebo Nature Resort is a luxury lodge located in one of the most beautiful areas of Suriname, deep into the pristine Amazon forest.


Kajana is located in the district of Sipaliwini to the River further downstream go-lio, who together with the Pikin Lio the Suriname River. Kajana has about 200 inhabitants, who belong to 3 families.

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